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1009 N Pacific Ave, #4441
Glendale, CA, 91222
United States

About Mode Wallet

The story of Mode Wallet is simple. When the company’s founder was unable to find an elegant, efficient wallet, he set out to have one made. “Then I found many like-minded men who prefer practical luxury—a high-quality, compact, bifold wallet without the unnecessary compartments,” said Alfred Hacopian, founder of Mode Wallet.  

Mode Wallet offers a slim, bifold wallet designed to hold standard-sized cards as well as US currency. 

Men with discerning taste prefer the practical size and the luxurious feel of Mode Wallet.

Designed in Glendale, California, and handcrafted in Italy from the highest quality leather, Mode Wallet produces a one-size wallet in a number of leather types and colors.

The minimalist, practical design of this high-quality wallet allows men with a sense of style to carry their cash and cards without the unnecessary heft.

Mode WalleT, 1009 N. Pacific Avenue, #4441, Glendale, CA 91222, 818.292.6892,


Alfred Hacopian is the founder of Mode Wallet in Glendale, California. His passion for creating an elegantly efficient wallet, combined with his business background, led him to establish Mode Wallet in 2014.

Alfred has an extensive professional background in mortgage banking and education. He is the author and publisher of Write Business, a college textbook on business communication.

Alfred holds a Bachelor of Science degree in finance from California State University, Northridge and an MBA from Pepperdine University.